The East West Cultural Institute is Changing its Corporate Mission

For the past 14 years the East West Cultural Institute has quietly supported academic research and provided consulting services across a broad range of areas. We are now significantly changing our mission by reducing the area of our concern in the East to focus primarily on South Asia. At the same time, we are increasing the number of activities we will be undertaking in the public sphere. Since all of our existing clients at this time are already covered by our new mission, our relationship with them will continue as before. In time, we will again expand our coverage to Central Asia and the Far East.

New Project:
A Brand New Raju Ayurveda Center is Under Construction!

Combining Modern Comforts and Ancient Ayurveda

Construction has begun on a new Ayurvedic facility being built on virgin ground in India. It will house the Raju Ayurveda Center featuring the expertise of the Raju family who have been practicing Ayurveda for generations. It is designed according to the Indian architectural philosophy of Vastu in conjunction with Western architects to provide international standards of comfort. The East West Cultural Institute is overseeing the project and has put together an experienced management team in the areas of construction, project management, finance and hospitality services.

East West Cultural Institute: Antiquity Meets Modernity

Our Mission: The East West Cultural Institute is an independent, nonreligious, 501(c)3 educational nonprofit corporation that seeks to increase understanding between the cultures of the ‘West’, i.e. Europe and the Americas, and the ‘East’, i.e. Asia. The Institute is independent of religious or political affiliations. We seek to accomplish this through two approaches: by focusing on practical endeavors in the modern world and scholarly study of the ancient world.


The East West Cultural Institute is supported solely through grants and donations from people like you. Tax Deductible donations to the project can be made through the East West Cultural Institute, a U.S. 501(c)3 educational non-profit corporation. 

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Donate specifically to the Raju Ayurveda Center Project being managed by the East West Cultural Institute.

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East West Cultural Institute Raju Project
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Note: The East West Cultural Institute is concerned solely with building the Raju Ayurveda Center and consulting in the establishment of the management team. It is not involved in any way with the practice of Ayurveda; nor is it involved in the Raju Center’s operations.